What is feminism?

Feminism is equality. Women are not superior to men and vice versa. Sexism is not equality, people seem to forget that.

Not all feminists are lesbians and both sexes can be feminist.

While I was growing up I hated that I had to be in by a certain time but my younger brother did not have to be. I hated the saying “ladies first”. I hated people refusing to let me lift heavy objects. The latter two I still experience and still hate.

I didn’t want an engagement ring. I didn’t want to know the sex of my baby while I was pregnant.

I have my Mother-In-Law always fleetingly commenting “it’s because he’s a man”. I am not happy that my son will be growing up around sexism.

But, I believe the saying “manpower” isn’t sexist. Man is human, regardless of gender. I think people can get caught up in questioning what is sexist and what isn’t. Where does it all stop?

2018 will see change.

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A New Life

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.


I started bleeding pink yesterday, so I’ve taken a pregnancy test today. Even if I were pregnant it’s too late to do anything now. The test came back negative. Two months in a row now we haven’t succeeded. I know it can take an average of six months but it’s so annoying because we got pregnant a few years back without even trying. We’ve been taking pre-natal supplements for about three months now, doing it on the peak days, every two days and I’ve been laying on my back afterwards. It’s stressing me out not becoming pregnant. The stress probably isn’t helping.

It’s unfair how drunk girls end up pregnant like *THAT*.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Opening Line

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Rock Bottom

Today I hit another rock bottom.

I didn’t allow myself to feel down as I’m always so busy.

I could not see my life going forward and improving. Continue reading

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D-Day or Independence day?

Things may be different IF:

  • All of the people that voted in this EU referendum also voted in the last general election. It seems like a lot of people only voted leave just so they can “stick it to the government”.


  • The remain parties campaigned more to stay in the EU. Maybe the remain camp really thought the public wouldn’t vote out.

Continue reading

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Letting go

I saw the clairvoyant earlier. I am so drained. Although there wasn’t a lot of good things she could tell me I’m glad I went so I can begin to let go of the things that are consuming my mind. Continue reading

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Life Coach

I’ve been really productive at work and home today which has helped lift my mood, as it usually does. I don’t have time to be depressed. Continue reading

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Sad Summer

I wanted to unfollow my Auntie and Uncle’s posts from my Facebook timeline as it hurts to see them manipulate the extended family but then I realised that My Auntie has unfriended me. Continue reading

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One of my school friends always said that I could write a book on my life, so I decided to write this public blog instead, while keeping my identity private. I write because it helps rationalise my thoughts. Continue reading

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Final farewell

I texted my Brother C asking when he’s next seeing Gran and Grandad, Friday. I think that is too soon for me at the moment. I keep thinking about the message my Gran wrote in the card, wondering if it means farewell. I don’t want to bank their cheque until I’ve seen them. Continue reading

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Deliberate damage

We haven’t got a working kettle at the moment, we noticed it was leaking water from the bottom after my older Brother had been around ours decorating. It’s a pretty big coincidence that we notice our things are broken after he’s been over Continue reading

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