Deliberate damage

We haven’t got a working kettle at the moment, we noticed it was leaking water from the bottom after my older Brother had been around ours decorating. It’s a pretty big coincidence that we notice our things are broken after he’s been over – the washer on our toilet, the washer on our shower, the washer on our kitchen tap, a board of our new laminate flooring, the headrail of our new Venetian blind – and he cancels (or just doesn’t turn up without warning) more times he’s actually over. I am not buying a new kettle until he’s finished the job we’ve given (and paid) him to do. And to think I kept our microwave we wanted to throw away just so he can heat up his lunch. He has asked us to pay him £60 for fitting a couple of metres of skirting board around our window in the spare bedroom, quoting me AFTER he completed the work! I had asked him a few times for the quote beforehand. I don’t want to pay him this money until he has completed the minor jobs we have already paid him to do. I texted him asking him if he had used the comedy club voucher I got him for his birthday last year and for his new address (to send him his birthday card and present), he replied only sending his address. I feel I put too much time and effort into people that don’t seem bothered (two years ago he didn’t even thank me for posting his birthday present, I was questioning if it had arrived or not! It was only when I texted him to ask him he let me know). I have now decided I will not get him a present this year, only a card, I may feel guilt after but I know it’s better than feeling the alternative. He let us down yet again today. Him and his Electrician friend hadn’t turned up to the work they were booked in to do today, I even texted them asking if they were coming, no response.

We returned the rental car earlier this afternoon but we have to pay for (deliberate) damage on the bonnet, a scribbled scratch. I said to the Husband “it’s just one of those things”, trying to convince myself that it is just that. It’s annoying because we don’t even know who had done it – was it when we had the car parked at one of the two hotels we stayed at this week, in one of the service stations, one of our neighbours at home, my Brother or the car rental company themselves? Why would someone do that?! It hurts to think someone would be upset with us that much to do that and I can’t do anything about it. I’d rather people be honest with me than be underhanded like that, as I’m sure anybody would. It’s not as though we had parked over two car parking bays and annoyed another motorist. The Husband and I are now looking into getting a 360 degrees camera to go in our new (second-hand) car.

I have read a reply from my Cousin twice removed on Facebook. I had asked if she knows how I can get in touch with my Nan’s companion, God knows what he must be feeling as I’m not even sure he got invited to my Nan’s funeral or even hears from my Uncle anymore. I want to reach out to him and give him support.

I have opened the envelope my older Brother had left me from my Gran and Grandad, inside is a card (possibly a wedding card?) with a cheque, signed “Just to wish you well”, no kisses. I’m not sure how to take this, I’ve been wanting to get back in touch with them after all these years…


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2018, the year of equality
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