One of my school friends always said that I could write a book on my life, so I decided to write this public blog instead, while keeping my identity private. I write because it helps rationalise my thoughts.

I missed a call from my older Brother but he sent me a text “Ring me asap today or im going to lose my house today”. I found out he sent the same text to our Mum. I braced myself thinking he would aim his anger towards me, I thought my Uncle had told him what our Mum wants – for me to get the inheritance before him. Our Nan wanted the money only going towards a property once we had been accepted for a mortgage. I already have a mortgage and my Mum thinks it’s only fair I get my £15k before my older Brother. My Mum has put a caveat in place but there’s a separate account holding £27k enough to pay one grandchild’s inheritance. As we probably would’ve moved by now if it weren’t for him delaying the decorating (it’s been over a year), I think it’s only fair if I got my inheritance first, but, I’ve been told by my Mum that we’re both getting it at the same time. It seems like my Uncle is panicking about this (possible) illegal account he has holding the money as he hasn’t put it down as an Asset for the Inheritance Tax.

So, now my older Brother might lose his offer he put on a house as he can’t receive the £15k yet and he seems to be taking this out on me – he hasn’t been answering his phone to me, which has me panicking he won’t finish the decorating I’ve paid him to do in my home.

I’ve read the emails my Mum has sent me regarding trust funds to be set up in each of the Grandchildren’s names which makes me feel relieved knowing that my two youngest Brothers will be getting the interest on their inheritance rather than my Uncle holding this money in his account and gain the interest for himself.

I have booked an appointment to see a clairvoyant on Friday evening, I’m hoping this will put in a good state of mind for my Nan’s burial of her ashes on Saturday. One question I will want to ask the clairvoyant is how I would get my Uncle to send me my wedding videos he recorded.


These tears won’t fall,

Not this time, I promise.

I am better now.


About The Good Feminist

2018, the year of equality
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