Sad Summer

I wanted to unfollow my Auntie and Uncle’s posts from my Facebook timeline as it hurts to see them manipulate the extended family but then I realised that My Auntie has unfriended me. I checked to see if she did the same to my Brother C and she had but she still remains “friends” with my older Brother. Although my Uncle hasn’t unfriended me on Facebook I feel like I’m never going to receive my wedding videos from my Uncle now as it seems like he’s starting to drag my Mum’s children into all of this.

My Uncle said to my Mum to cancel Nan’s burial of her ashes this Saturday in retaliation to her not lifting the caveat from the will and now he’s going back on his word about opening up accounts for each of the grandchildren’s inheritance. He admitted on the phone that he wants control of everything.

I told my Mum to download an app where you can record the phone calls, just so she has something to refer back to if she need to.

In spite of all of this, I have to try and remain positive. Here are some things others have said that I’ve learnt from:

“It’s more work to hold a grudge than not” – a Cousin

“If you’re going to do something, do it properly” – my Grandad

“Don’t go anywhere empty handed” – (meant when keeping the home tidy) my older Brother’s Step-Mum


Save face,

Spiteful you,

See what you’re doing,

Sad and lonely you.



About The Good Feminist

2018, the year of equality
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1 Response to Sad Summer

  1. It’s sad how family can be so disunited.

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