Life Coach

I’ve been really productive at work and home today which has helped lift my mood, as it usually does. I don’t have time to be depressed.

I’ve emailed my Mum website links to some jobs and a list of recruitment agencies. I feel like I’m my Mum’s life coach right now. Although it really impacts me with what she has been saying, she must be feeling far worse than me with all of this directed at her. She’s told me I’m the only supportive one. I don’t regret for one day that I decided to forgive my Mum for how she’s treated me in the past, it’s a shame others can’t do that, especially as I think she’s treated me the worst she’s ever treated anyone.

Funnily enough, listening to Radiohead on the way back from work chilled me out. Had an alcohol free beer which also helped, again, funnily enough.


Hope fills your eyes, I hope.

The past is gone, I want you to stay.

I’m here, I hope you stay.






About The Good Feminist

2018, the year of equality
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2 Responses to Life Coach

  1. sharingiscaring00 says:

    Great expression of words and I enjoy your poem too!!

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