Letting go

I saw the clairvoyant earlier. I am so drained. Although there wasn’t a lot of good things she could tell me I’m glad I went so I can begin to let go of the things that are consuming my mind.

She was spot on about a lot of things. I try not to say much so I don’t give anything away.

She had crystals and cards and did some mediumship at the end.

She asked me to split the pack of cards in three and asked me to pick the coldest stack and then the hottest. She thinks I’m a Healer, I’m not exactly sure what this means but I know I can feel people’s energies. I smelt my Nan whilst I was driving to my appointment earlier and a few days ago I smelt my Grandad, probably psychological.

I like to go to these things even if they may be a lie, at least it gives me some sort of hope, even if it may be false. False positivity is better than no positivity to me right now.

The unbreakable screen,
The ties that bind us,
Inconvenient combination.
Big heart lets go.



About The Good Feminist

2018, the year of equality
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