What is feminism?

Feminism is equality. Women are not superior to men and vice versa. Sexism is not equality, people seem to forget that.

Not all feminists are lesbians and both sexes can be feminist.

While I was growing up I hated that I had to be in by a certain time but my younger brother did not have to be. I hated the saying “ladies first”. I hated people refusing to let me lift heavy objects. The latter two I still experience and still hate.

I didn’t want an engagement ring. I didn’t want to know the sex of my baby while I was pregnant.

I have my Mother-In-Law always fleetingly commenting “it’s because he’s a man”. I am not happy that my son will be growing up around sexism.

But, I believe the saying “manpower” isn’t sexist. Man is human, regardless of gender. I think people can get caught up in questioning what is sexist and what isn’t. Where does it all stop?

2018 will see change.


About The Good Feminist

2018, the year of equality
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